Common Medical Marketing Questions

Medical Marketing FAQs for Efficient Offices

These medical marketing questions and answers below are perfect for tips and information you need to get the most out of your medical printing budget.

Can I have any size postcard I want?

Yes,in most cases. There are size limitations (6” x 11”) and aspect ratios (lengthdivided by height must be 1.3 – 2.5) that must be met to claim the best postagerate possible for your project. Mail pieces outside these parameters will incurhigher postage rates. Contact us for more details.


Is it okay if the materials are glossy?

Yes. We can imprint addresses on most coated paper stocksincluding aqueous coatings and varnishes. We cannot print directly on yourpiece if it has a UV coating. This would require an additional process and costof affixing an adhesive label to the mail panel. However, you can UV coat theFront side of a postcard without any complications.


How much room do I need to leave for the mailing panel?

The minimum size of the mailing panel is 4” wide x 2” tallin the lower right side of your mail piece. The address area must be completelyunprinted and no borders are allowed on the bottom or right edge of the mailingpanel. If you are unsure if your design is compliant, contact one of ourcustomer service representatives and they will be happy to assist you.


What does database work include?

Our database services include verifying all deliveryaddresses against the most current data available from the U.S. Postal Serviceand removing duplications. We also verify and update databases consisting ofthe names and addresses of individuals, families and businesses who have fileda change-of-address with the USPS to keep lists updated, accurate and compliantwith postal regulations.


Which formats do you accept for mailing lists?

We accept all conventional database formats but preferExcel, Access, Dbase, or comma delimited text files.


What forms of payment do you take for the postage prepayment?

Postage funds must be paid 24 hours in advance of themailing date to avoid delays in the mail schedule. Postage may be paid viacredit card, check, or money order. Postage payments made with a credit cardare subject to a 3% processing fee


Will the weight of my mail piece affect the cost?

The postage rates on most mail pieces processed as StandardMail are unaffected by weight until they exceed 3.3 ounces. At that point, asurcharge is calculated and added to the final rate. The rate increasesgradually in direct correlation with the weight of the piece up to 16 ounces.Once over 16 ounces, the mail piece is then considered to be in another classof mail altogether.


What turn around can I expect for mailing?

Our clients can expect a 24-48 hour turn around for theprocessing of their project after we have received materials, data information,and postage prepayment. Once submitted to the Post Office, delivery to theaddressee can vary considerably depending on the class of mail, processingcategory and target area. If TWI prints the piece the mail processing time isbeing handled while it is being printed. Print production times are usually 3 to 7 business days and the maildrops on the last day.


Which class of mail should I choose?

Consider the class that best suits your budget and deliverytime of your message. If you have a time sensitive offer you may want toconsider First Class Presorted mail which delivers typically within 1-3business days and automatically includes return service for undeliverableaddresses. If you need to be more cost conscious, you may want to considermailing Standard or Nonprofit, which has a general delivery timeframe of 2 to 7business days and up to 14 days depending on travel distance. (Business daysare considered Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays). Maildelivery time is not guaranteed by USPS.


How much will my postage be?

Postage costs are dependent upon the size, weight andthickness of your printed piece, as well as the class of service you choose(First Class Presorted, Standard, or Nonprofit). Please contact our customerservice team to get an estimated postage amount for your mailing project.


Can TWI find new patients for our practice?

Yes. Depending on the type of patient you are looking for wecan pull lists of individuals that fit your requirements. We also have ailmentlists that have specific conditions of individuals that requested new treatmentand procedure information. See our blog for more information. 


Can TWI mail notifications to our existing patients?

Yes. Many providers use us to send NPP’s, appointment reminders and other notifications to bring patients back to your practice. We provide you with a Business Associates Agreement that puts the liability of any data breach on us. We adhere to all applicable HIPAA compliance policies and take patient information very seriously. Once the information is mailed the patient records are deleted from our system. TWI also furnishes a report that shows new address information of your patients before the mail is sent so you can delete patients who have moved out of your area.


What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail is one of the most common forms of direct marketing, and is utilized by every type of healthcare profession and organization. Advertisers often refine direct mail practices into targeted mailings, in which mail is sent out following database analysis to select recipients and potential patients considered most likely to respond. For example, a person who has demonstrated an interest in weight loss may receive a direct mail piece for nutrition and exercise products or perhaps for goods and services that are appropriate for their needs. This use of database analysis is a type of database marketing.

Alternatively, generically addressed direct mail may be sent on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Whether at the individual or neighborhood level, direct mail marketing allows recipients to be targeted by matching the demographic profile of the recipients to one most closely matching that of likely patients. Individually targeted direct mail may be tailored based on previous transactions and compiled data. For example, all male patients may receive a personalized package with a man’s picture on the cover, while all female patients can receive a picture of a woman. Direct Mail has many possibilities for the individuals or the organizations that utilize its potential. Call us today to find out how Direct Mail can work for you.


What should my file name be?

When naming files please refrain from naming files black.pdf, businesscard.pdf, etc. Please include the mainline in the name of your file. Example: JonesStoreBlk.pdf and JonesStoreRef.pdf



For process color work, please save your file as CMYK, not RGB. If we receive a file in RGB mode, we will automatically convert the files to CMYK mode for printing, which could result in subtle color shifts. Please contact us about file formats accepted for CMYK orders.


What are bleeds and how do I set them up?

Anytime the ink extends off the edge of the printed product it is considered a bleed. For artwork that bleeds, the bleed area must extend 1/8" beyond the cutting edge of the item. (i.e. a digital file for a business card with a bleed would be 2 1/4" X 3 3/4") If a file is not provided with the necessary 1/8" margin and a bleed is not requested, then your artwork will automatically be reduced.


Do I need to add File Extensions?

We are a PC based shop. Since MAC based programs do not automatically add the file extension to the end of file names, you will need to. We cannot access any file without a file extension.


What fonts can I use?

You can use any font, just be sure to convert all text to outlines or curves before saving your file. If fonts are not embedded, or converted to outlines, your file will not output as expected because of font substitution. Faxing a composite is recommended.


What resolution should my art be?

Resolution should be at least 300dpi. Keep in mind that the higher your dpi, the better your results.


What size should I make my file?

Size Correctly - Files should be 100% of the finished size (i.e. a file for a business card with no bleeds should be 2" X 3 1/2". NOT 8 1/2" X 11"). This keeps the file size manageable.


What information should I include when emailing orders?

If you are emailing your digital art, please include the following: - Your information, including name of your company, contact person, and phone number. We cannot process any emailed orders that do not have this information.

Job specifics (quantity, stock, and ink)

The file attachment(s)


What Type of File Formats work best?

PDF, EPS, or TIF (300 DPI)


General Tips

Please fill out your order carefully and completely to reduce the possibility of errors and double check all information.

All changes must be in writing to ensure there is no misinterpretation. Please keep a copy of your order in case there are questions.

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