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Two Reasons Direct Mail Campaigns Work Best in a 3-5 mile radius

In combination with Direct Mail you should represent your practice within the community at public events and through volunteer activities. This solidifies your branding and gives you new contacts while establishing you as a positive fixture in the community.
  1. Community - The more convenient you are to a patient the more appealing you become. Also communities mean communication. When neighbo­rs get together they share experiences. If someone is having a health problem everyone seems to have advice on where to go and what to do. If someone says, "Go see Dr. Smith, he is right down the street" you will be more willing to do that than to drive across town...especially if you are sick.
  2. Branding and Name Recognition - There's a growing school of thought on direct mail that it's much more effective to hit a smaller targeted area repetitively instead of sending to a large list with only one campaign. Both can cost the same but repetition creates results. Keep that in mind. Limited success on an initial campaign may just mean that you've got to go back at them a few times to achieve your desired results.

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