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Did you know there are mailing lists for patients with ailments?

At TWI we are able to get lists that can target just about any patient demographic. General practitioners are easy to get patients for because everyone needs them but what about specialists?

Good news…Specialists Have Special Lists!

There are HIPAA approved ailment lists that TWI can use to benefit just about any provider. These lists are created from patients who requested additional information on a specific ailment. They have to be purchased and certain restrictions apply. One of the restrictions is we must submit the mailing design back to compliance officers to make sure we are not violating any HIPAA rules.

The ailment list database includes…

Acid Reflux – Acne – ADHD/ADD – Allergy Related – Alzheimer’s – Alzheimer's Disease – Angina – Anxiety – Arthritis – Asthma – Back Pain – Bladder Control – Breast Cancer – Bronchitis/Chronic Bronchitis – Cancer – Cholesterol Focus – Clinical Depression – Colon Cancer – COPD – Crohn's Disease – Depression – Diabetes – Diabetes Type 1 – Diabetes Type 2 – Disabled – Eczema – Emphysema – Epilepsy – Erectile Dysfunction – Frequent Headaches – Frequent Heartburn – Gastritis – GERD/Acid Reflux – Glaucoma – Gum Problems – Hearing Difficulty – Heart Disease – Heart Disease/Attack – Heartburn/Acid Indigestion – Hemorrhoids – High Blood Pressure – High Cholesterol – Hyperthyroidism – IBS – Impotence – Indoor Allergies – Insomnia – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Kidney Disease – Lactose Intolerant – Menopause – Migraines/Headaches – Multiple Sclerosis – Nail Fungus – Nasal Allergies – Obesity – Orthopedic – Osteoarthritis – Osteoporosis – Other Allergies – Outdoor Allergies – Parkinson's Disease – Prostate Cancer – Prostate Problems – Psoriasis/Eczema – Rheumatism – Rheumatoid Arthritis – Senior Needs – Sinuses/Sinusitis – Snoring – Spinal Injury – Thinning Hair/Hair Loss – Ulcer – Ulcerative Colitis – Weight Problems

The list of ailments and people who need help with them is constantly growing so contact TWI for more information on how to design a campaign that will work best for your practice.

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